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Car Lockout

Chris Waits

I was locked out of my car the other night and was frantic since I was suppose to pick my mom up from the airport in 2 hours I never thought I would make it. I called Emergency Locksmith Toronto and they sent a technician right out to me to unlock my car and make me a spare key so this will never happened again. I made it to the airport and was so thankful to this great locksmith service!

Residential lock change

Michael Sharpe

Just moved into a new home and was instructed to have my locks changed for security purposes, after calling Emergency Locksmith Toronto they informed me that I could re key the locks at a much lower cost and attain the same level of security I was after. Thanks so much for the tips and for the quick service.

Commercial lock change

Lisa McGovern

Upon leaving work the other night I noticed the front door lock was hard to turn, when I tried to turn my key in it the key snapped off. I was in a panic since it was way after normal business hours and I could not lock the store up for the night, I needed emergency assistance and was sure no one was going to be open.

After calling Emergency Locksmith Toronto they informed me that they would send someone right out to fix the lock, a tech arrived in about 20 minutes and fixed the lock in no time, Thanks once again to my life savers.

Car key replacement

Paula Hanger

The other day I was rushing out of my house to get to an important meeting when I noticed I could not find the key for my 2005 MBW X5, after a quick call into Emergency Locksmith Toronto they had a car locksmith at my side in under a hour to make the new key for my car and let me get on with my life.

They offered fast service, low prices and friendly staff, not much more you can ask for. Thanks!